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Models for Catwalk shows, Fashion Magazines, TV Commercials, Print Advertisements, Garment Fitting, Product Launch, TV series, Short films etc.

Book you models from 360 Models HK.

A model’s job is to enhance your brand image and make your product look good. Choosing the right model allows your targeted customer picturing themselves associating with your product. We have local Chinese models as well as international models from all over the world e.g. Russia, Brazil, Australia, UK, France, Italy etc.  


We work with models with thousands of followers. Social media plays a huge factor nowadays. These models have their expertise in different categories including Beauty, Travel, Fashion, Sport, Gaming, Food. They act as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and influencers to promote brands, products and services to their followers.  

Press Conferences, Event Hostesses, Promoters.
Apart from the looks and experiences of our models, hostesses and promoters, work attitude is also an element our agency values. We make sure we bring elegance and professionalism to you, your VIPs to your events. Some of the models, hostesses and event staff are multi-lingual as well ( French, Spanish, Cantonese, English, Mandarin etc.)



MC, Singer, DJ, Dancer, Magician, Band, Musician, Actor/ Actress etc.

Depends on your need at your event, we look for the right talent to enhance the atmosphere for your event. Feel free to let us know more about your event and discuss.


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